restock sale survival guide

Odds are, if you find yourself reading the information on this page, you noticed that my shop is completely wiped out. Nothing is "in stock". The reason why is simple, I only have two hands. I would love to be able to spend every waking second of the foreseeable future crocheting and making my plushies, but the fact is, I cannot. So in order to make it fair for everyone, I do restock sales. 

Restock sales take place a few times a month (please check the banner at the top of the webpage for dates and times. This information can also be found in my Instagram bio @wonderlandmortuary, as well as in the actual product listings themselves). I highly recommend setting an alarm to remind you of the sale if you are serious about purchasing something. Quantities are often low and things sell out within minutes. Do not expect you can "pop by later" and still catch something. 

Items are often limited and not every sale will include ALL the items I have listed in my shop. 

Once a restock sale begins please refresh any web pages you may have open. I know this isn't necessary for everyone, you can still successfully purchase items without refreshing, but errors do occur. Better safe than sorry.

My shop does not do "cart holds". Items left in a cart are not safe until purchased. Simply putting an item in your cart will not affect the inventory for my shop. 

Shipping: We ship internationally. If you live in a high risk area (such as Brazil) please read our shop policies on lost, stolen and returned items (click here). Most items are shipped First Class and will include a tracking number. You will receive an email with the tracking number once your item is ready to ship. On some occasions we require a few days to drop items off at the post office, this means that your tracking number may not show 'active' until then. Please do not email us about this. We do not live at the post office and go when we can. Please be patient. 

Delivery: We ship everything as quickly as we can. Once it is made and packed, it will ship within 1-3 days, you will receive your email with tracking number info during that time. Please do not email us at our paypal email. We will not respond to emails sent to that address. Additionally please try to refrain from asking about 'order statuses' we do not work that way. Customers repeatedly emailing us for updates will have their orders canceled and refunded. We are selling handmade items, they take time to make. Please be aware of that before you purchase anything.  

Restock sales are currently for 'made to order' items. (I am working to change that so all items listed are 'ready to ship', but this takes time). Made to order means that only after the item is purchased will I make it. This can take up to 8 weeks due to the volume of orders. If you don't think you can wait patiently for your item to be handmade, please consider not buying handmade. 

Preorders: NO NO NO NO NO NO Please stop asking for preorders. A preorder would imply that you are purchasing an item before its readily available. Made to order items cannot be preordered. That is what the RESTOCK SALE is for. 

Custom Orders: The short answer is "not right now". I am exploring the idea of setting aside a handful of listings for custom orders, but there's a lot that goes into that process. 

I do not accept any orders outside my webshop. I'm sorry, you cannot email/message me to order anything. 

Also, no we will not send you free items for promotional purposes. 

Restock Dates and Times

April 26th - 5pm EST

May 6th - 3pm EST

May 15th - 10pm EST - cancelled 

May 25th - 4pm EST