Custom Plush

How it works:

Interested in a custom plush? Here's what you need to know:

We do two sizes, Small and Large. Pricing and overall size will depend on the complexity and shape of the character you've chosen. 

Small Plushies: Pricing starts at $20 and most completed items stand about 4.5-5" tall. 

Large Plushies: Pricing starts at price $70 and most completed items stand about 8-9" tall 

  1. EMAIL: Send us an email with your idea. For an accurate quote be sure to include a link with photos! (Our form does not allow attachments so include an image link or send us a separate email -   NOTE: Creatures work best. Humans are typically declined. They just dont look good made from yarn. However, case by case, there are humanoid characters that we will do, so feel free to ask just incase! For good results make sure your character has definable traits. Example: Beetlejuice, Harley Quinn, Pennywise... (We will NOT do characters with armor).
  2. RESPOND: Keep an eye out for our response! We try to return emails within 1-2 hours. The email will include a quote for your commission (price for the item NOT including shipping), a sketch (if requested) and an estimated project time/delivery date. 
  3. WAIT: Once we've sorted out all the gritty details we will list a custom order listing for you in our shop and email you the link. All you have to do from there is purchase the listing and wait! Once the item is paid for, we will begin working and notify you once its shipped with a tracking a number. (Wait times vary depending on our events schedule so if you need something before a certain deadline please let us know straight away!)

If you have questions that we didn't cover here feel free to email us for answers! 

Shipping info: Our quotes do not include shipping fees, if you would like to know what your shipping fee may be before placing an order please make sure you include that in your email inquiry, along with the state/country and zip code. We ship worldwide! All orders are shipped with a tracking number. When your item has shipped you will receive an email notification from our shop. 

Custom Plush Policies:

Due to the nature of these projects, custom plush are non refundable and we cannot accept returns. If you are unhappy with your item please let us know immediately so we can remedy the situation! (But hey... this has never happened!) 

**Please note: We do charge a little bit more for commissions, than we do for items in our shop. For minis this is only a few dollars, for larger plush it can vary. This is simply to cover the cost of buying additional materials and that little bit of extra time we spend making the character you selected for the first time. Items that are in our shop have been made over and over again and we already have the materials. Once an item is commissioned we may decide to add it to our shop. 

Commissions are open.

Please be aware that our shipping times are slightly delayed due to restocking after the Christmas rush. If you are looking to commission an item please make sure you let us know AHEAD of time if you need the item before a certain date so that we can make sure your item will arrive in time. 

Valentines day orders should be put in BEFORE February first to ensure on time delivery!

Email us!