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About Us

We're just a couple of artists!


Plurdenland was established in 2015 when we decided to start selling our art together at conventions. We've grown steadily since then and are now creating our own tabletop games featuring an adorable cast of Plurdenland Dragons. 

BUT WHAT IS PLURDENLAND? In 2015 when we started this little company, we were selling our art on Instagram. When we made the announcement that we were going to start working together (and dating) a mutual fan of ours suggested that we splice our usernames together to name our brand. So "Plurden" and "land" are derived from our instagram usernames. While those usernames may no longer still be the same it's given us an outlet to create an entire little universe to play in. 



Our game designer, Jeff Pereira 

The illustrator and plushie artist, Felicia Rupp

We also have a few cats on our team;

Official box inspector, Beetlejuice 

and Oliver..... who does nothing at the present. 


We expect  2019 to be our most explosive year yet! Thank you all for joining us on our wild adventures in Plurdenland!